Verifiable IQP Supremacy: Constructions, Attacks, and Implementations


报告题目Verifiable IQP Supremacy: Constructions, Attacks, and Implementations
报告人季铮锋 教授
报告时间2024-01-05 (周五) 10:00

报告摘要:Verifiability plays a crucial role in establishing confidence in the capabilities of quantum devices in quantum supremacy experiments. In this presentation, we revisit Instantaneous Quantum Polynomial-Time (IQP) sampling, the only known sampling scheme with built-in verifiability. We propose new IQP constructions based on coding theory and the stabilizer formalism, enhancing the security of the IQP scheme. Additionally, we examine known attacks, including the linearity attack and the radical attack, to evaluate the security of our constructions. Furthermore, we examine the circuit complexity in experimentally implementing the IQP scheme.
报告人简介:Zhengfeng Ji is currently a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University. His research studies quantum computing from a computer science perspective, recently focusing on the quantum algorithm and complexity theory, quantum cryptography, and quantum software.